Quantitative/Monetization Researcher – Highly Successful Privately Owned 40 Person Prop Trading Firm

A ~40 person, collaborative quantitative trading firm in Chicago are looking to build on their recent success and expand their core research/monetization group.

This position allows for a blend of both coding/engineering skills and statistical expertise. Within this group you would apply various machine learning, AI and other data science techniques to back-test and create new trading strategies and enhance existing ones. Working in small team with a flat structure your research would be in production within a matter of weeks.

- BS or MS in a either Computer Science or Quantitative Field (Math/Physics)
-Industry experience applying machine learning techniques and other forms of statistical analysis across massive data sets.
- Familiarity with C++ or Java
- Ability to work closely and collaborate with other researchers and technologists.
- Quick learner and keen eye for solving complex problems.  
- They have hired multiple ex-Google employees and finance knowledge is not required or preferred.

Compensation & Benefits:
For successful candidates they would be happy to offer between $300K-$550K in first year cash compensation with the additional benefit of buying out unvested stock. You would also benefit from their relaxed, start-up like culture, 401K plan and frequent outings with colleagues and founders.

Please send a resume to bjoseph@hermansearch.com or if you have any questions feel free to email or call at 415 670 9341, I'd be more than happy to give any information that could help.

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