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While studying and continuing my education in the UK I found an enthusiasm in building and playing with computers. This led me to start my own business while allowing me to find happiness in helping people. During this time I was more interested and motivated by being entrepreneurial rather than pursuing my education so I left school to pursue a career in matters that I was most passionate about; technology, helping others, working towards greater financial success, and people.

After several years in the recruiting industry working for a FTSE 250 company, I wanted to build my own business that focused on the things that were crucial in creating a positive and enjoyable environment. This led me to create an incredibly collaborative company where people can always share their thoughts and everyone can help each other to get better in tandem. The result was a focus on quality whilst at the same time delivering a service to both our clients and candidates.

As a business over the past 5 years we’ve really developed and now have an incredible client base from small big data startups to multi-billion dollar hedge funds. All our clients share the same qualities in hiring the best technologists and data researchers/scientists whilst remaining exceptionally sincere and modest.

In my personal life I’m a family man with an incredible wife, three beautiful daughters. During my time away from work which isn’t often, I like to play golf and go on hikes across California with my dog.

"Ben is incredible. He was always very organized, helped me build a good resume and get in contact with people at great companies across the board. He’s also got a great reputation among the top people at various firms; multiple people have told me that they worked with him to get their position and how happy they were with him and the process. I would never have found the job that I have without Ben."
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