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I joined Herman Search as the first employee and have thoroughly enjoyed working in our collaborative, fun environment helping contribute to our growth. We are in a fortunate position where we have incredible relationships with some of the highly regarded algorithmic trading companies as well as high-tech start-ups.

There is a great satisfaction in helping people take the next step in their career and achieve their goals. I studied Communications at University and feel as though that aspect of my education really allows me to engage with people from various backgrounds and understand their aspirations.

With technology and data science becoming more and more prominent in today’s society, I am looking forward to all the exciting projects and opportunities ahead within these fascinating industries.

Outside of work, I love to ski and have a passion for astronomy. I am also a bit of a geek when it comes to the Xbox!

"Ben made my process of searching and applying for relevant jobs and companies extremely easy. He reached out to me about potential job opportunities around the time I was already considering some alternatives. By letting Ben know the kinds of positions and companies I was interested in, he was able to connect me to relevant companies I might not have even considered otherwise. Not only was he consistent with following through on our conversations, but he was always punctual and worked around my schedule. Furthermore, he provided key insights along the way about the company cultures and kinds of people to expect. Because of his dedication, I was able to find a great match for me within a couple months. As a result, he has gained my trust. I would recommend him to other professionals as well that are seeking to explore changes in their careers."
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