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I began working at Herman Search shortly after graduating from the University of Kent with First Class Honors in Politics and Law. The aspect of my degree I enjoyed most was the interacting with intellectual individuals hence recruitment being a great industry for me to join. In my own time I am a keen sportsmen; playing soccer semi-professionally and squeezing in the occasional game of golf.

I always wanted to work for a smaller firm where I could take on greater responsibility and genuinely make a difference to the company. This was exactly the case with Herman Search and since joining 2 years ago it has been satisfying seeing my contributions help the business develop. We have a very unique platform to change people’s careers and I am passionate about making this an enjoyable, efficient as well as smooth process.

I am excited to continue my work interacting and improving the life of some of the brightest individuals. The best part of my job is speaking with candidates who have a real interest and passion for challenging themselves within the most exciting industries.

Sheldon was very helpful for my recent job transition. He has introduced me to quite a few (more than 5 I recall) elite firms, and paid many attention to the details. He helped with scheduling interviews and follow up with the interviewer as well as with me, to make sure I have the best experience. I would highly recommend Sheldon to help with transition to an algorithmic trading firm or cutting-edge technology start-up.
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